About us

About Deco DayLight

Deco DayLight stands for “Decorative Ecological Daylight”.
Our desire to create solutions for a healthy environment, combined with our love for nature and our vision of sustainability, inspired us to develop the Deco DayLight LED systems.
Our sustainable daylight systems will bring the sense of real daylight and nature inside every building, thus creating a very healthy and pleasant working and living environment.

Up to now, such daylight systems were only feasible for large companies or organizations and installation was limited to suspended ceilings.
This is due to the fact that these other daylight systems were based on the use of TL 5 tubes instead of LED and therefore the fixtures need to be approximately 200 mm deep (like normal TL fixtures). These systems can only be mounted into suspend ceilings for aesthetical reasons, in order to hide the view on these big fixtures.

Many so-called available LED daylight systems produce, as measured on the white areas of the picture image, a limited light output (Lux), which ranges from approximately 800 to 1600 Lux. It is a known fact that a rainy very cloudy day, measured for a real window, is equal to approximately 1600 Lux.

The Deco DayLight systems made all the limitations and imperfections of the existing daylight systems obsolete. Our daylight systems are only 30 mm thick and available in various configurations and models, suitable for every wall and ceiling. In addition, our systems provide approximately 4000 Lux light output, so for the first time people can experience a true daylight sensation.

  • Retrieves the daylight and nature inside
  • Very decorative and improves your sustainable image
  • Creates a Healing Environment
  • Strong improvement of Biorhythm and night’s sleep
  • Improves concentration, performance, efficiency and productivity
  • Provides a sense of well-being and balance
  • Realizes a healthy living and working environment