Daylight & nature

Let the daylight and nature in

Scientific research has shown that a lack of sufficient daylight can lead to serious consequences for humans.
It also revealed that a natural setting or a view on it, has a very positive impact on the functioning and well-being of man.

Nowadays people spend almost ninety percent of the day in areas that are artificial and often inadequately lit, and therefore have a shortage of daylight. This lack of natural daylight can be enhanced by the time of year and the presence of very cloudy skies and rain, something that is common in many parts of the world.

This can lead to:

  • disruption of biorhythms, health problems and fatigue
  • concentration and sleep problems
  • feelings of discomfort and depression
  • decrease in efficiency, performance and productivity
  • a significantly higher sick leave
  • an increase of costs for companies, as well as the whole society
Through application of the Deco DayLight LED Systems, many of these problems can be prevented and you can create a healthy living and working environment.