Our Products

With the Deco DayLight Systems the quality of work, living and life can be improved significantly. The aluminum rectangle daylight systems are extremely flat (only 28 mm) and are available in various dimensions. We only use 6500 Kelvin LEDS and high-quality flicker-free drivers. Certification: CE, RoHS and UL.
The LED lighting provides a clear light in the right spectrum and frequency so that the light is experienced as naturally clear daylight and therefore the maximum positive effects are achieved.


The ceiling systems are compact cassettes, modular and therefore expandable to any desired configuration and size. Due to their small depth, the daylight systems are not only suitable for suspended ceilings, but also for any other type of ceiling, without the need to implement a ceiling grid. 


60 cm x 60 cm
(>4000 Lumen per system)

120 cm x 60 cm
(>8000 Lumen per system)


The wall systems, can be applied as a single virtual window, but also as multiple windows with a single natural view. They can be mounted vertically (Portrait) or horizontally (Landscape). The photo panels are quickly interchangeable for a different view.


120 cm x 80 cm
(11.000 Lumen per system)

180 cm x 120 cm
(11.000 Lumen per system)

This dimension is specially intended for panorama photos.

The realistic high resolution photo images are printed on self-extinguishing (fire class B1) acrylic panels and covered / protected by a transparent acrylic panel, which also provides additional depth. The photo panels can be swapped in a simple manner for a different view.