Deco DayLight has carried out various projects in different market sectors.

For our customers, we have brought DAYLIGHT and NATURE from the outside to the inside.
The positive effects that customers report to us include:

  • An improvement in the energy level and biorhythm of employees
  • Strong improvement of concentration, efficiency, and productivity
  • A significant drop in sick leave
  • Faster recovery in the healthcare sector with less medication
  • Strong stimulation of the desire to buy and an increase in turnover in the Retail sector

Below is an overview of a number of project examples split into the various sectors.

Hospital AZ Klina in Brasschaat in Belgium

Delivery of LED daylight ceiling and wall systems for the departments of surgery recovery for children and adults, department of preparation for surgery, Pediatrics, Mammography, Psychiatry, Relaxation room medical staff, desk medical staff.

Result: faster recovery of patients with less medication, reduction of stress, anxiety and pain feelings, more energy and improvement of biorhythm medical staff.

Dental Care Rijnmond in Rotterdam

Delivery of LED daylight ceiling systems above the treatment chair.

Result: reduction of stress, anxiety, and pain felt by patients, making it easier to work for the dental hygienist. The most anxious patients experience a positive distraction, are better able to relax and are no longer afraid of a visit to the dental hygienist.

Dutch Sky Ceilings in Belgium pharmacy

A building next to the existing pharmacy has been completely stripped on the inside and a new interior has been built. Central into the ceiling are 8 pieces of Deco DayLight LED daylight systems with a beautiful blue sky and a cloud composition.

Result: more comfort, positive experience, and relaxation for pharmacy visitors, healthy working environment for employees.

Dental Clinic in Amsterdam

Almost nobody likes going to the dentist. Many people then experience stress, anxiety, and pain, certainly with more severe treatments or surgery.

Above the operating chair, we mounted Deco DayLight LED daylight systems with a relaxing view.

Result: a significant reduction in stress, anxiety, and pain felt by patients has been achieved. It is easier for dentists to do their job.

Office in The World Trade Center in Amsterdam

Deco DayLight LED ceiling systems and wall systems with a beautiful view have been installed in various work and meeting rooms. The photo panels for the wall systems are changed for a different view each season. A beautiful daylight experience and nature were brought in from the outside.

The result: inspiring and healthy workplaces, improvement of biorhythm, concentration, and efficiency. Increase of well-being and energy level.

Office travel company Travelnauts in Amsterdam

Originally a light output of only 170 Lux was available on the work tables of the travel advisors. Far too little according to the ARBO standards and an unhealthy situation. Various LED daylight systems with nice branding for the company are placed in the ceiling. In addition, also 18 high-quality LED panels to support the light quality. The current light level on the work tables is 600 to 800 Lux.

Result: inspiring and healthy workplaces, improvement of biorhythm, concentration, efficiency, and productivity.

Meeting rooms Vandemoortele in Zeewolde

In addition to a large production facility, this location also has offices and indoor meeting rooms without windows, so without the necessary daylight.

The 4 meeting rooms have been renovated and the Deco DayLight LED ceiling systems have been applied, with a nice promotion of their own brands.

Result: inspiring and healthy meeting rooms, improvement of biorhythm, concentration level, efficiency and productivity. Nice branding for visiting customers.

Renovation company building Pre-Lite in Putten

Hardly any daylight was available in the building, through windows and / or skylights in the roof. With the help of our LED daylight systems, a beautiful daylight experience and a beautiful view have been realized in the office area. Despite the high ceiling, the light level is now 650 Lux on the work tables.

Result: decorative, inspiring and healthy office space, improvement of biorhythm, concentration, efficiency and productivity. Nice branding of the company Pre-Lite for visiting customers.

Nature conservation center Blijdorp ZOO

16 pieces of daylight ceiling systems with the photo panels of a canopy designed by Deco DayLight, under which a real tree trunk has been placed. These LED daylight systems act as main lighting in this area. In addition, also the Deco DayLight systems on the rear wall of a terrarium ensure a spectacular depth and experience for visitors.

Result: more than 600 Lux light output on the large table under the canopy, beautiful experience and WOW effect among visitors, terrarium has been named the best terrarium in a trade journal for zoos.

Renovation toilets in Oceanium Blijdorp ZOO

The conference room “De Haaienzaal” and the adjacent toilet groups have been completely renovated. These toilet groups are equipped with LED daylight ceiling systems from Deco Daylight. The spectacular photo panels are designed by ourselves and you can hear sea sounds through hidden speakers. The whole creates the illusion that the visitors are underwater.

Result: optimum experience for visitors to Blijdorp zoo, many compliments for the beautiful effect, the only toilet areas in Europe that offer ultimate relaxation.

Renovation Beauty Salon “De Wilde Orchidee”

An old tobacco shop on the Uiterwaardenstraat in Amsterdam has been completely renovated and transformed into a modern Beauty Salon “De Wilde Orchidee”.  On the ground floor, 3 treatment rooms are equipped with our LED daylight systems. There are also 2 treatment rooms in the basement, where there is no daylight at all. Here too, the Deco DayLight systems offer a solution.

Result: many compliments from very satisfied customers, beautiful experience and ultimate relaxation, inspiring and healthy workplaces for the beauticians.

LED Daylight systems for Yoga Vibes in Westzaan

Yoga Vibes in Westzaan has installed various Deco DayLight ceiling systems in the large yoga room on the ground floor. During the exercises, the participants have a beautiful and relaxed view of nature.

Result: combined with the daylight experience, the systems contribute to an improvement of the energy level, and of relaxation, reduction of stress and improvement of balance.

Promotion of Fuze Tea at Zegro Wholesale

Delivery of 4 pieces of LED daylight ceiling systems for the beverage department of wholesaler Zegro in Rotterdam.

The ceiling systems are equipped with photo panels, with which Fuze Tea, a brand of Coca Cola, is promoted. The realistic design is made by Deco DayLight.

The result: a WOW feeling among customers, stimulation of the desire to buy, promotion of the Fuze Tea brand and increased sales of these products.

Shop of a gas station in Lelystad

For the service counter of this store at a gas station, 2 LED daylight ceiling systems were installed.

The systems have a beautiful natural view. In addition, Deco DayLight has further optimized the lighting situation by replacing the old fluorescent luminaires with modern, high-quality flicker-free LED panels.

The result: many compliments from customers, a better view of the products on display, stimulation of the desire to buy and an increase in turnover.