Deco DayLight system is applicable in every area where insufficient or no direct daylight is available. This may be due to the location of the room, with the windows on the north or east, the lack of sufficient windows or the size of the area.

This lack of natural daylight can be increased by the time of year and the presence of cloudy weather, something that often occurs in many parts of the world.

A shortage of daylight disrupts human biorhythm and thus leads to a reduction of vitality, concentration and well being. This results in a lower efficiency and productivity, as well as an increase of sick leave.

Not only this has a major impact on the people themselves, but it also causes significant economic and financial consequences for the entire society.

Due to the unique design of the Deco DayLight systems, they can be installed on every wall and every ceiling, even in suspended ceilings where little space is available.

Deco DayLight systems can be employed in all industries and sectors and will provide a healthier working and living environment.