Leisure & Wellness

Applications Hotels, Hospitality and Wellness Centers

Businesses in these industries make every effort to offer their guests a pleasant and comfortable stay. They try to create for their guests an optimal feeling of wellness, comfort and harmony, and therefore they give a lot of attention to the interior and exterior of their premises.
With the Deco DayLight systems, hotels can create thematic areas and rooms by using different photo themes. Each room can get a different look and feel. For the guests the experience factor in these premises is always very important. For those working in these industries, a balanced and people-friendly environment is also of importance, in order to deliver an outstanding performance.

The Deco DayLight systems make an important contribution to these businesses, because:

  • The sense of experience, comfort and pleasure for the guests / customers increases significantly;
  • Different areas will get a strong decorative upgrade;
  • In many cases it leads to a “wow effect” with the guests and businesses can distinguish themselves;
  • Businesses in these industries will realize a sustainable image and significant energy savings;
  • It improves the concentration, effectiveness and productivity of employees.