Applications retail

In Shops the design and lighting plays an important role. Customers need to feel comfortable there, in order to encourage the purchasing behavior. An attempt is made to create a warm atmosphere, so that people feel at ease. Despite all good intentions, often the objectives are not achieved.

Research has shown that too little light in shops has negative effects on the purchasing behavior of visitors. There is no clear view on the displayed products and colors are hard to see and that is why customers frequently take the product outside or stand under a bright lamp to assess the actual color. In addition, customers are less proactive and their visiting time of the store is shorter.

Deco DayLight systems provide a real sense of natural daylight and even if it’s a rainy and gloomy day, customers will experience a refreshing feeling of spring. Customers have a good view on the products and colors, they feel good and are therefore much happier and more active. As a result, they stay longer in the store and their buying behavior is strongly encouraged.

Deco DayLight systems are providing a store with a unique look and feel, and customers will be talking with others about it, so the number of visitors will rise. The photo panels can be quickly and easily exchanged for different views, so that each season a different look and feel can be realized. Also during certain holidays, such as Christmas, photo panels can be mounted with a specific theme. In addition, logos and a unique branding can be incorporated into the photo panels.

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